Service Portfolio of DutyFreeService

Administration Services

Virtual office services

DutyFreeKing offers a virtual office service. This service enhances the reputation and credibility of your company by providing an address and telephone number in an onshore location. Our virtual office service is comprehensive and includes all the administrative and secretarial assistance you require.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Service

Maintaining company accounts is mandatory. As DutyFreeService offers a service from A to Z, we can, therefore, at the request of the client, assist with completing all the necessary formalities.

Director and Shareholder Service

The nominee director service may be used where a client doesn’t wish to be personally appointed or has to meet local requirements. The name of the director will appear in the corporate documents, in any business contract and sometimes in the jurisdiction’s business register.

Call Center Services

Answering services: Your customers and clients are calling. Are you answering? A functional, reliable answering service is mandatory.
Our Lead Verification expertise enables our Inbound and Outbound Agents to quickly confirm inquiries and requests for your products and services. This vital step is vital to ensure prospects are correctly and accurately passed through your sales funnel for continued engagement.


Sales support service


Digital Marketing & Promotion

Increase your promotions and business search engine marketing reach with conversion optimized landing pages, targeted e-mail campaigns. Social Media Marketing Page Promotion & Post Boost Services.

Product Launch Management

DutyFreeService helps brands from the Cosmetic, Beverage and Tobacco industry to launch successfully, with precision and a full complement of marketing services, from product ideation, design, and development, to research and testing. And every type of marketing and communications:  branding, packaging and merchandising, advertising and e-commerce stores.

Sales & Marketing Service

We undertake lead generation, customer service, Market research, Data Building

Order Management

Sales order processing, payment management, and forwarding.

Product design service

Specialised in the design of POS systems for the Beverage, Cosmetic and tobacco industry.