Which Payment Method do you offer?

Namely,  a digital currency based on the blockchain technology regulated without the need for a Central Bank. Is a way to do payments without anyone’s permission and control.

You can click on the check out page the payment option “Wire or Bank Transfer”. You will see on the check out page the Bank details for EUR, GBP and USD payments. Accordingly, to US customer we advise to do the ACH bank transfer to our USD account what has a very low transfer fee.

If you wish to pay by credit card you need to click on the check out page the option “Credit Card Payment”. Currently supported payment through all VISA and Mastercards, both debit and credit cards. Includes VISA Electron, Maestro and VISA/Electron. You will be redirected by submitting your order to the secure payment form. On the Payment form, you can enter your credit card details and confirm your payment. After successful payment, you are going to receive by E-mail the payment receipt.
Please be aware we keep your order for three days on hold until we receive the payment confirmation from the card provider.

How long it will take untill my order arraives?

Shipment variating from 6 to 30 days, depends on the country of destination. The most European countries are reachable between 10 to 14 days. In the past, we even got shipments in 8 days to the USA where another Shipment took almost 20 days to Germany. Postal systems is sometimes a bit unpredictable nor there is no way to interfere into that from our side.

Is there any faster way to get my order delivered?

  • Yes, there is. We offer Express service too. It is possible for USA, Canada, and Europe.

  • After the check out you will see the option EXPRESS shipping, this you need to click and the price is 19.80 EUR.

  • In fact the shipping time for express shipping is between 10 – 14 days to Europe, Canada, and USA

Do I have to pay import Duty?

In general, the answer is  up to your order Volume and Value. The detailed version is like that: It is really depending on which country you ordering and how much on Value is your order. In my experience orders with a certain small sice and Value of not more than 50 EUR will mostly pass without any Costumes duty. Bigger shipments who exceed the certain Value may applay for costumes duty. The handling of the costumes clearance process will be done by your courier service.