Best Company Structures in the World

DutyFreeService business registration service is the smartest way to start your online business. Our all-inclusive package is the first of its kind, one built entirely with location independence in mind. Everything is done remotely and the whole process requires less than an hour of your time. Best of all, we offer pro-active long-term support for every business we register at no extra cost. This includes scanning your mail, mailing your tax returns, answering your tax questions and much more

DutyFreeService offers a choice of three of the best structures in the world, the LLP and LTD in the United Kingdom and the LLC in the US state of Wyoming. These three structures cover the needs of nearly every type of businesses imaginable, offer access to world-class banking and payment processing, can be run tax-free, are easy to sell and do not face the reputation issues businesses registered in tax-havens or countries like Estonia and Bulgaria do.